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About Diaper Lab

Our Staff

Diaper Lab Staff Photo

Diaper Lab wouldn't be the incredible store that it is without the support and dedication of our great staff! We pride ourselves on having a customer-focused and knowledgeable group of people in the store, so that you can be certain you will get the best service and take home products that you know will work for you and your baby. We hope you get a chance to meet everyone in your visits!

Back Row: Salina, Eliza (with Zianna), Laura, and Kasey
Front Row: Jen and Elaine.

Salina Gonzales Frazier – A former Harvard Administrator and Elementary Teacher, Salina holds a MA in Education from Simmons College and a BA in Psychology from DePauw University. An avid flutist, Salina enjoys reading great novels cover to cover in one sitting and singing at the top of her lungs with her two toddlers. Salina is Diaper Lab's CEO and Chief Buyer, but can more often be found stuffing diapers while watching late night reruns of Sex and the City. Salina's favorite diaper changes frequently, but is currently the Rump-a-Roos One Size.

Ryan Frazier – A current IT manager at Harvard University, Ryan holds a MS in Environmental Policy from MIT and a BS in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College. He can often be found out puddle stomping with his toddlers or reading the latest hiking guide. An avid traveler from the Arctic to the Shetland Isles, Ryan is officially Diaper Lab's CIO, Webmaster and Dad-In-Charge. Ryan's favorite diaper is the Gro Baby one size.

Laura Hodgson – A former professional nanny and attachment parenting advocate, Laura attended SUNY at Purchase, New York. As a past cloth diaper seamstress, she is an expert in the fine art of cloth diaper fit, construction and fibers. In her spare time, Laura is a Child Passenger Safety Technician and former co-leader of the Boston Baby Wearers group. Laura is is usually ogling the newest, hottest item on the cloth diaper market. Laura can often be found on the playground with her daughter, Audrey. Her favorite diaper is a pinned organic cotton flat diaper under a wool cover.

Jen Patashnick – A work from home mom who juggles 3 part time jobs. Jen is a customer who loved cloth diapers so much she became an employee, and is now a Diaper Lab Cloth Diapering Consultant and presents Diaper Lab's cloth diapering workshops. In her spare time, Jen holds a black belt in Karate and can be found wearing her son, in their Baby Hawk carrier, while walking the dog. Jen's favorite diaper is the Bum Genius Organic AIO One Size in Velcro only.

Eliza Weeks – In a past life, Eliza was a landscape architect but now enjoys the pleasures of living in southern New Hampshire. She is one of our excellent cloth diaper consultants and her daughter, Zianna is one of Diaper Lab's product testers. Look for Eliza to begin helping families in the Nashua/Manchester regions soon!

Product Testers

Sofia – A 3 year old toddler who is contemplating potty learning, Sofia enjoys instructing (a.k.a. bossing) her little brother Evan, and singing "Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track". Her favorite Sesame Street character is Oscar the Grouch and her favorite diapers are green.

Evan – A 2 year old toddler with a zeal for the alphabet and numbers, Evan has never met a cereal he didn't like and loves to count. Evan's favorite letter is P and his favorite diapers are the ones he's taken off before streaking.

Audrey – A 3 year old with a mothering instinct, Audrey enjoys carrying around her baby dolls in a sling and showing everyone her boo-boos. Audrey has recently potty learned but still loves her Imse Vimse and Blueberry Trainers.

Orion – A 1 year old month old with a big smile, Orion enjoys being the Somerville store mascot! In his official capacity as Diaper Lab store host, Orion enjoys showing the new babies the toys in the play area while their parents shop. Orion loves to flirt with customers, and sleep in his carrier on his mom's chest. Orion's favorite diaper is the one that keeps him dry all night, and of course his new cow print Swaddlebees.

Zianna – Zianna is our newest product tester, who has suddenly acquired a taste for a secret new diaper brand which Diaper Lab may stock soon!

Diaper Lab's Mission

  • To provide accurate, balanced, and detailed cloth diapering information, resources, and education for all families, both on-line and in-person at our retail stores.
  • To provide the best cloth diapering products available in a comfortable, welcoming, and enjoyable environment.
  • To help customers find the cloth diapers that fit their baby and their lifestyle!
  • To provide excellent, timely and friendly customer service.
  • To provide continuing support throughout your cloth diapering experience.
  • To contribute to our local communities as an active, responsible and supportive business.

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Learn more about the history of Diaper Lab and how we got started with our cloth diaper business!

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