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Connect with the Diaper Lab Community!

Diaper Lab is a family business, in many senses of the word. Ryan and Salina started the business because of the needs of their own family, and a feeling that cloth diapers could be enjoyed by many more families if only there was an easy way to see and learn more about it. As we reached more families, the immediate Diaper Lab family began to grow, finding new employees from among our customers who were passionate about diapers and wanted to help other families learn about them as well. And as we talk to more and more families about diapers, it is always clear to us that our customers are investing in more than just a product, and we work hard to understand what cloth diapers mean to their family.

And out of all these various families, a community has grown and evolved. And while some of this community is about the purchase and sale of diapers, we think that there is much more which has developed, and we hope to help nurture and grow the bonds of family and community in many different ways. The resources we provide here are to help you connect not only with Diaper Lab, but with other cloth diapering families and natural parenting resources!

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200 Elm Street

Somerville, MA 02144

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