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Switching to Cloth Diapers

While some families begin cloth diapering from the first days, there are many who come to cloth diapers later—even much later. If you are one of these families, we offer a few thoughts and considerations on making the switch.

It isn't an all-or-nothing choice

Even among those who use cloth diapers from the beginning, it can often be a part-time commitment. It's OK to make it a transition, even a slow one. If you're ready to buy a full set and switch immediately you can, but don't feel that it's the only way.

If you're unsure, go part-time

You can begin by just using cloth diapers on weekends, a few days a week when you're at home, or in the evenings and at night. This also allows you to grow your stash of diapers slowly, as you make the switch.

Use cloth diapers most similar to disposables

All-in-one diapers will be the most familiar to disposable users, and can be particularly effective if you are trying to convince uncertain partners to switch to cloth diapers. There are also several diapers (including Flip and GroVia) which have a regualr cloth diaper cover but can use either a cloth or special disposable absorbent insert.

Use flushable liners and/or a diaper sprayer

Taking care of the "big stuff" is often a concern for people with older babies who are switching to cloth diapers. By using flushable diaper liners, however, poop can be easily removed from a diaper with minimal mess. Diaper sprayers, which connect easily to most toilets, are mini power-washers which make pre-cleaning a breeze (and are often the key to convincing reluctant dads).

Take advantage of our trial program

Our Experiment to Own program is a great way to help you learn about cloth diapering and sample brands and styles before you commit. Why guess when in two weeks you can know for certain?

Frequently Asked Questions

We often hear a number of questions which are common among those considering a switch from disposables.

When is it too late?

Unless your baby is potty training next week, it isn't too late to make at least a part-time switch. A typical cloth diaper costs the same as about 1-2 weeks of disposables, so even if your baby is a year old when you switch, it is probably still more cost-effective to purchase a full set of 24 cloth diapers to use until potty training instead of disposables. And if you expect to have another child—or have one on the way—you will easily make back your investment.

What about cloth diapers in daycare?

Particularly in the Boston area, it is increasingly common for daycare providers to not only accept cloth diapers, but to already be familiar with them! In fact, many centers are realizing that cloth diapers save them money by reducing their waste disposal costs. There are several ways to make things easier, such as using disposable liners, sending along a large enough wet bag for storage, and using all-in-one or pre-stuffed pocket diapers. Be sure to check out the new Cloth Diaper Friendly Daycare Directory as well (and add your provider to the list if you know they take cloth diapers!)

It's a big investment and my partner isn't sure—how can I convince them?

We've tried to make the information on this site easy-to-read so people can get a quick overview of the benefits, but we find that the "saving money" part convinces many who are otherwise reluctant! If you live in the Boston area, you can also attend one of our Introduction to Cloth Diapers workshops or try our Experiment to Own program, which lets you try cloth diapers for two weeks. We also know that Dad's in particular love to hear about flushable liners and diaper sprayers, which make clean-up easier! Also ask your friends and acquaintances, as there are more people using cloth diapers than you might expect and you might find a good personal reference who can convince your partner that it really isn't a big deal.

Can I use my diapers with another baby?

Yes! Many cloth diapers can easily be used with a second child, and if properly cared for some can even last longer! In fact, there is also a thriving trade in second-hand diapers, as well as services where you can donate cloth diapers to needy families.

Can you help me decide if cloth diapers will work for me?

Of course! Fell free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions about cloth diapers, switching to cloth diapers, or other concerns you may have. And though our cloth diapering workshops are geared towards expecting parents, most of the information is just as valuable to families with children currently in diapers.

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