Experiment to Own Program

At Diaper Lab, we want to be certain that families find the cloth diapering solution which fits their baby and their lifestyle. We know it is a big commitment, and we want everyone to discover what diapers work best before making the full investment. That's why we came up with our "Experiment to Own" program.

For a rental fee of $35, you can try any 8 diapers from our store. Mix and match prefolds, fitteds, covers, pockets, and all-in-one diapers as well as brands. "Experiment" with the diapers for two weeks and at the end of the trial period, keep the diapers you like, and return the rest to Diaper Lab. Pay only for the diapers you choose to keep, and if you purchase more than $75 when you return your program, you will get a $15 credit!

Experiment to Own Package Includes:

  • Your choice of 8 new diapers (from available colors, sizes, & brands)
  • Your choice of inserts (hemp or microfiber) for any pocket diapers
  • Your choice of 2 hemp doublers
  • 1 Pail liner (if needed)
  • Samples of cloth diaper laundry detergent(s)
  • Coupon for $15 off any purchase over $75 when you return your program

Work with Diaper Lab staff to choose the eight diapers you would like to try from available products in stock.  Once you have selected the diapers you will be trying, you will be charged the $35 rental fee, and your credit card will be held on file. Use the diapers for two weeks and wash using the laundry soap provided. At the end of two weeks, keep the diapers you wish to purchase and return the diapers you no longer want. If you purchase more than $75 on the day you return your program, you also get a $15 credit!

All diapers, inserts, doublers, and pail liners must be returned clean and freshly laundered. A $20 fee will be assessed for each item returned dirty. Diapers must be returned to our store location or be postmarked and shipped by the due date on your receipt. Normal use, wear, and staining on returned diapers is acceptable, but a replacement fee will be assessed for any unusually harsh treatment of the returned diapers and accessories.

The Experiment to Own Program is currently available to our retail customers only, though we will be looking to expand online in the future.