Lactation Services

We offer different types of lactation and breastfeeding assistance to meet you and your baby’s needs.  Caitlin Inglis, CLC provides all of our lactation services. Her bio can be found on the Breastfeeding Basics workshop page.


breastfeeding basics workshop

This workshop is designed for expectant mamas who intend to breastfeed from birth.  In it, you’ll learn all about how women’s bodies are designed to work in tandem with their babies to successfully breastfeed.  Topics covered include anatomy and hormones, positioning, supply, and what’s normal and what’s not, as well as much more!  Supportive partners welcome.  Learn more and register in advance here.

Lactation drop-ins


We offer a weekly Lactation Drop-in on Wednesdays from 11:30 AM – 12 PM.  If you have a quick question about feeding or any aspect of breastfeeding and are comfortable in a semi-private setting, feel free to drop in!  Please remember that the drop-in is meant to answer quick questions or to provide a brief check in of “am I doing this right?”  Longer questions or specific troubleshooting is better served by a Lactation Consult (below).  Drop-ins do not have a set fee, but a donation is suggested. 

Note:  Although it is our intent to host drop-ins every week, please feel free to call the store (617.764.0192) before heading over to confirm the drop-in is happening.


lactation consultation

If you would like or need one-on-one consultation, we offer 50 minute private sessions at Diaper Lab.  You will receive a personalized consult, which may include general breastfeeding support, weighted feeds (if needed), latch assistance, discussions about supply, pumping advice, and any other questions you may have.  Supportive partners are welcome to attend.  Consults are $70 and by appointment only.  These can be scheduled through our website and are available regularly on Friday and Saturday afternoons.  If you cannot attend on either of those days, or the slots are already full, please email and we will try to schedule a mutually convenient day and time for the consult to occur.

Consults include an optional 15 minute follow-up phone call within a week after the initial consult. Additional consults can be scheduled for $40 each.