Babywearing is the practice of using a baby carrier to keep baby close. Although babies have been worn worldwide for millennia, recent research has shown many benefits to babywearing including increased bonding, better and deeper sleep and growth for the baby, not to mention increasing the independence of the wearer to do other tasks while still caring for baby! Need some hands free but a fussy baby doesn’t want to be put down? Try babywearing!

At Diaper Lab, we offer different types of babywearing assistance depending on what you need.


Intro to Babywearing Workshops:  If you are expectant, or already have a baby of any age but little to no babywearing experience, you should attend one of our Intro to Babywearing workshops.  If you have a carrier (or several) already but haven't used it much or at all, please bring them along so we can assist you with them.  We love it when participants are expectant because then we can help you wear your baby securely from birth. However, approximately half the participants in this workshop tend to have babes-in-arms already, having realized how valuable babywearing could be as a tool in their parenting toolbox! Grandparents, nannies, or any other caregivers who will be wearing baby, as well as the babies themselves, are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Our Intro to Babywearing sessions happen approximately once a month, and is our most popular Babywearing option.  If you have just missed one and can't wait for the next one, you may consider scheduling a consult (see below) instead.  

Carrier Clinic:  If you have a baby who is older than 4 months and you've been wearing them already, but need some specific hands-on help with your carrier(s), you should attend our Carrier Clinic for assistance with those carriers. Alternately, if you have a carrier you know nothing about and with which you would like full top to bottom instruction AND are not interested in considering other styles or options, this likely can be accomplished in the Carrier Clinic as well.

Advanced Babywearing:  These sessions are for babies 6+ months of age who can sit on their own with an experienced wearer who wants to learn more about specific Babywearing topics.  The sessions are offered once a month, and we currently alternate between a Woven Wraps seminar and a Back Carry session.  


Babywearing Drop-ins:  We offer regular Babywearing Drop-ins on Wednesdays from 10 AM - 12 PM and on the second and fourth Saturday of every month from 10 AM - 12 PM.  Drop-ins are not intended to be a full overview of babywearing.  Instead, these are great if you just need a quick tweak for a carrier you've been using already.  Many times, if you've attended our Intro to Babywearing before baby was born, but now baby's here and you need a quick refresher, or just want to check and make sure you're "doing it right", a Drop-in is the perfect way to do that.  If you have a carrier you purchased from us, your Drop-in is free!  If you're bringing a carrier you got elsewhere, we will ask for a donation to cover our time.  No pre-registration is required for a Drop-in.


Babywearing Consults:  Our babywearing consults are ideal for anyone who wants 1-on-1 babywearing assistance from our Babywearing Expert.  These 50 minute sessions can be a full introduction to the benefits and how-to's of babywearing, or we can work specifically with you to get an ideal, secure fit with a (hopefully) calm baby and happy wearer with any carrier.  Consults are by appointment only.  Schedule a babywearing consult here. Slots are regularly available on Wednesdays, but if the times are not possible for you, please contact us to schedule.

still have questions?

As always, if you have any questions as to which Babywearing option is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact the store, or email