Feeding Solids with Confidence, co-sponsored by Inspired Start

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This workshop is an introduction to and discussion of all things solids.  Introducing solid foods can be a source of great excitement but also anxiety for new parents.  A nutrition expert (and mom of two) will discuss topics including how to decide when to start your baby’s introduction to solids, an overview of feeding styles (and how it’s okay to try them all!), strategies to simplify and de-stress introducing first foods including potential allergens, tips to handle picky eating, and questions around feeding solids that you may want to bring up with your health care provider.  The goal of this workshop is to help you start your baby’s solids journey with confidence and help your baby establish good mealtime habits and a positive relationship with food to last a lifetime.  Parents, caregivers and babies are all welcome and encouraged to attend.  Inspired Start will be on hand to provide samples of their delicious baby food, specifically designed to introduce 8 major allergens to your little one.  You can check out helpful feeding info on Inspired Start’s blog at inspired-start.com/blog/


$10 for 1-2 adults (Larger groups, feel free to contact us to register.)


Kendra Epstein is a certified holistic health coach. While her practice focuses on weight loss and nutrition in adults, she has extensive experience in holistic nutrition, preventative health and, most importantly, motherhood! As the mom of two beautiful girls, Kendra is very familiar with all the challenges that come along with ensuring a balanced and varied diet for kids- from first foods to full meals. During this panel, Kendra will lend expertise from her background in nutrition along with practical applications based in her experiences parenting her two girls. To learn more about Kendra’s approach to nutrition, visit kendraepstein.com.  

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