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Want to get your baby on your back but not quite sure how to do that? Come to our Beginner Back Carry class and learn the skills to make it happen. We will walk through the different ways to get baby on your back in a variety of carriers. We will have carriers to practice with, but if you have your own, please bring them! This is a hands-on workshop and we request that you attend with your baby, aged 6+ months with good core and head control, preferably able to sit unsupported. This class is going to have a lot of movement so please try to have everyone prepared (fed and rested!) and ready to get the most out of this class. Happy Babywearing!

Course Fee

$25 per family with a max of one child per adult, please. Workshop limited to FOUR children total so we can provide adequate support and assistance!

Our rescheduling and cancellation policy can be found here.

About the Instructor

Crystal Woller

Crystal was first introduced to babywearing when her first child was born in early 2011. A bit overwhelmed, she went to her first Boston Babywearers meeting for guidance. Her love of babywearing drove her to become a leader with Babywearing International of Greater Boston and help caregivers learn about babywearing.

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