Becoming a Dad

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...because it’s not just about mama! This workshop will provide expectant and new dads with tips, tricks, and information to care for both baby and mama. We will talk about the first days and weeks, focusing on newborn care, supporting your partner, and making sure everyone is as healthy, happy, and well-rested as can be. We will talk about sleep, feeding, bonding, soothing, and other common concerns, with plenty of time for questions.

Course Fee

$25 for 1-2 people

We ask that just new dads and dads-to-be plan to attend this workshop. The workshop fee covers participation by 1-2 people, however, if the new dad would like to bring a new grandfather or friend, for example, or in the happy event of a 2-dad family!

About the Instructor

Karl Bower is an exuberant dad of two! As an acupuncturist, Karl had been well-versed in women's fertility and pregnancy, but when his wife became pregnant, he worked hard to educate himself about hypnobirthing in anticipation of daughter Harper's arrival. Since her birth and that of his son, Karl finds new parenthood has an amazing learning curve that continually humbles and inspires him. In his workshops, he is eager to share any and all of the twists and turns of parenting, from relationship dynamics and attachment parenting, to co-sleeping, babywearing, and laundry loads of cloth diapers.

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