Breastfeeding Basics

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This workshop is designed to leave expectant parents feeling ready to begin and establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship. We will discuss what’s normal and how to recognize signs of success, as well as how to know if something is wrong and where to seek help. We will cover proper latch and positioning, reading your baby’s hunger cues, breast and nipple care as well as general self-care for the nursing mother, establishing and maintaining a strong milk supply, problem solving, partner support, the benefits of breastfeeding, and other common questions and concerns. Non-breastfeeding partners are encouraged to attend.

Course Fee

$45 for 1-2 adults.  Partners strongly encouraged to attend.

About the instructor

Kat Rutkin, CPD is a CAPPA trained Lactation Educator and a CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula. She is passionate about giving families a calm and confident start to their parenting and nursing journeys. She is particularly invested in supporting and empowering moms so they can enjoy the newborn period bonding with their babies.  A mom of two boys, she knows firsthand that every mom and baby have a different breastfeeding experience. Kat seeks to teach new parents to meet new challenges with knowledge, grace, and humor.  






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