Childproofing 101: Keeping Baby Safe

It is so exciting as your baby begins to explore the world around them! While you undoubtedly cheer on this newfound mobility and sense of adventure, you also must keep them safe from potential injuries and other hazards including choking, drowning, falls, poisoning, and burns - both in your own home and other places your child will spend time.

In this hour-long workshop, you will learn to look at the world from your baby's perspective and take steps to ensure a safe environment as well as to provide active supervision instead of severely restricting activities. It’s not fun to say “no” all the time; learn how to create safe, fun spaces where baby will thrive. We also will discuss how strategies for childproofing will need to be adjusted and changed as your child grows and develops from six months to three years and beyond.

Workshops will be held at our retail location at 200 Elm Street North, Cambridge, MA (Davis Square).

To register for any of the open sessions of this workshop, complete our online registration form. Please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address that you check regularly and at which we can correspond with you to confirm attendance and notify you of any changes.


$25 for 1-2 adults to attend.  


Alison Ellison, RN, PNP, American Heart Association CPR Instructor has worked with parents, teens and others, teaching CPR skills for the past 25 years. She retired in 2014 after more than 40 years as a pediatric nurse and nurse practitioner. She is now a Somerville grandma and has a passion for helping everyone learn how to save lives.

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