CPR & Choking

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SEPTEMBER 2019 WORKSHOP DATES: This workshop will prepare you for saving lives in the emergencies of choking and sudden cardiac arrest for infants (newborn to first birthday), children 1-12 years old, and adults. CPR is easier than it’s ever been before, and you can refresh skills you may have learned years ago. It’s a skill you hope to never need, but would be very glad you knew if you are ever in the situation to be able to help. Choking is much more common but also scary if you’re not sure what to do. In this class, you will have hands-on practice with manikins and time to become comfortable with the skills. 

This class is taught as an American Heart Family and Friends non-certification class. You never need a certification card to perform CPR or save a life or to be protected by the Good Samaritan law. It runs for approximately 2.5 hours of class time.

BEGINNING OCTOBER 2019: This American Heart Association program will prepare you for saving lives in the emergencies of sudden cardiac arrest and choking for infants (newborn to first birthday), children (age 1-12), and adults.  CPR is easier than it’s ever been before, and you can update and refresh skills you may have learned years ago. These are skills you hope to never need, but would be very glad to know if you are ever in the situation to be able to help a loved one, friend, co-worker or stranger.  Choking is much more common, and also scary if you are not sure what to do. 

As of October 2019, this workshop is offered as a certification class and now has two parts: an online class through the American Heart Association that you will complete at home, followed by a Skills Check which is conducted at Diaper Lab. For this certification class, you must complete the online class first.  Then, you will come to a practice and Skills Check session at Diaper Lab.  There you will be able to practice with lifelike manikins and become comfortable with the skills you learned in the online class.  You will be checked off on these skills by our instructor.  You can optionally receive a 2 year certification card after this session.  The two parts of the class (online and Skills check) are from the American Heart Blended Learning Heartsaver class. 

Instructions for each student:

After registering for the CPR workshop (Skills Check) at Diaper Lab, you will need to go online to the American Heart Association website and register for the online part of the Blended Learning class. You can go directly using this link to the Heartsaver CPR/AED online (course 15-1401). Register for the class and pay the $15 fee to the American Heart Association.  Choose to take both the adult and child portion of the course - the fee is the same for one or both, so do both! The online course should take you about an hour and 45 minutes, and you can stop and start it as you need to. Please be aware that you should watch all videos provided. The online course will let you move forward without watching the videos, but you will not be able to gain as much from it if you skip them!  When you complete the online course, print the certificate. You will need to bring it to the Skills check at the Diaper Lab.  It is best to try to complete the online class in the 7-10 days before the Skills check session so you retain what you have learned.

On the day of Diaper Lab workshop, please come dressed comfortably for practicing with manikins on the floor.  We will practice CPR, Choking and AED skills with infant manikins and adult/child manikins that provide you immediate visual feedback of your progress and ability.  We will use AED trainers, so you can get comfortable with this skill as well.  The Skills check session will take 60-90 minutes. 

Unique features of this kind of blended learning are:

·         Students have the convenience of completing the course at their own pace, at work, home, or wherever internet access is available.
·         Can be used for initial or renewal training
·         Includes interactive exercises and videos to engage students and allow you to process what you are learning, as you go.
·         Students have access to all information in the online portion for 24 months to help reinforce and review what you have learned.
·         Screen and text-size options help meet diverse learning needs.
·         Navigation controls provide students with the flexibility to move easily through the content and customize the learning experience.
·         Students may enter and exit the program as often as necessary. Your work can be saved from one session to the next.
·         The hands-on skills session for Heartsaver CPR AED is taught by a current American Heart CPR instructor
·         All skills learned during the online class are reviewed and practiced during the Skills session, using lifelike manikins, so you can get to a comfort level with the skills.
·         Minimum technical requirements for the online course are available at https://elearning.heart.org/static/technicalspecs
·         You can contact the AHA ECC customer support at 888-242-8883 for technical assistance during the online course.  (Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Central Time)

Please note: Due to the brisk pace of this class and the nature of the material which requires participants full attention, babies and children are not allowed to attend the Skills Check session. If childcare presents an issue, an option that’s worked for previous attendees, is having one caregiver participate in one session, and registering the other caregiver for a successive session.

Workshops will be held at our retail location at 200 Elm Street North, Cambridge, MA (Davis Square).

To register for any of the open classes below, complete our online registration form.  Each participant needs their own registration and payment submitted; the registration form is for one participant only.  Please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address that you check regularly and at which we can correspond with you to confirm attendance and notify you of any changes.

Course FeeS

Fees for this workshop are paid in two parts:

Part 1A: $65 per person for the Diaper Lab Skills Check.  Please submit a registration for each participant. (Two of you want to attend? Our Two Hearts Are Better Than One workshop package allows you to purchase two Diaper Lab CPR registrations at a discounted rate; both people may attend on the same date or on different dates.)

Part 1B: An American Heart Association certification card is optionally available (during registration for the Diaper Lab portion) for $20. Please check the box on the Diaper Lab registration page if you would like a card to be issued when you complete the two parts of the certification.

Part 2: $15 per person, as noted above, for the AHA Online Blended Learning course.

Please be aware that the fees paid to Diaper Lab are non-refundable. If, after you've registered, you need to change the date of your Skills Check session, we are happy to help you reschedule one time with our compliments provided you give us at least 48 hours notice.  If you need to reschedule more than once, you will need to submit a new registration form and payment. Our full rescheduling and cancellation policy can be found here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this workshop, please email the Diaper Lab Workshop Coordinator, Jen (jen@diaperlab.com).

About the Instructor

Alison Ellison, RN, PNP, American Heart Association CPR Instructor has worked with parents, teens and others, teaching CPR skills for the past 25 years. She retired in 2014 after more than 40 years as a pediatric nurse and nurse practitioner. She is now a Somerville grandma and has a passion for helping everyone learn how to save lives.

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