Potty Learning

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Congratulations! You made it through the intense first year or more of diapering! Now you (or maybe your toddler) are ready for the next step. In this information-packed workshop, you will learn about gently guiding your toddler from diapers to being fully potty-independent.

Whether you have started your potty journey, are considering it for the near future, or don’t even know where to begin, this workshop has you covered. Topics include how to know if your toddler is ready to start using the potty, accessories to help with potty-learning such as potty seats and reusable training pants, how day and night potty-learning may be different, what is developmentally appropriate, and tips and tricks to work on both motivation and what to do when accidents occur.

Workshops will be held at our retail location at 200 Elm Street North, Cambridge, MA (Davis Square).

To register for any of the open class sessions, use our online registration form, and indicate the number of adults attending. Please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address that you check regularly and at which we can correspond with you to confirm attendance and notify you of any changes.

Course Fee

$25 for 1-2 adults (Larger groups, feel free to contact us to register.)

About the Instructor

Salina Gonzales Frazier is the owner of Diaper Lab, and has successfully potty-learned with her own two children, as well as helped countless others through the process from diapers to undies and beyond!

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